Success is measured by one person, one day at a time.

One of the most difficult parts of early recovery and sobriety is transitioning back into society. Whether a client is interested in pursuing employment, education, or volunteer opportunities within the community, our focus on vocational assitance makes the transition easier.

Not only helping our clients develop their professional resum├ęs, we assist them in preparing cover letters, rehearsing for interviews, and curating professional and personal references. Following a period of preparation, we instruct our clients on best practices when it comes to seraching for jobs after rehab. A practical understanding and application of these essential skills is necessary with preparing for the professional world- but are also indispensible when it comes to making a successful transition back into personal responsibility and self-sufficiency.

Client Enrichment Services

For clients interested in furthering their educations- whether it is at a collegiate or vocational level, we assist our residents in the application process at local universities, HSE (GED) programs, or ACCES-VR funding through New York State.

We further suggest all of our clients to become involved in some degree of volunteerism in the local community. It is our experience that giving back is not only a vital part of the recovery journey and process- but a crucial, spiritual milestone in developing self-esteem.

We believe that anything is possible when people are allowed to grow, heal and think outside the box and set their expectations high.